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    Location Description

    Describe your property and location in the most appealing method possible. What are the natural features nearby? Is it situated near bodies of water, mountains or hillsides, or even in ideal climate conditions? What are the nearby businesses, churches, day care facilities, and schools? What makes this location ideal for development or investing into?

    Include in this section every possible feature of the location that will build confidence and trust with your potential investors. Do you have a pre-existing relationship with the local authorities that will assist with the permitting process?

    Investment Timeline

    Use this section to show your investors the timeline for project development, critical milestones and distributions.

    Begin 90-Day Subscription Period
    During this period you are actively raising capital from our network of investors. In most cases, substantial funding has already been acquired from owner's equity and partner lending agencies.
    Close 90-Day Subscription Period
    At this point you will conclude your capital raise and begin taking action on your milestones.
    Begin X-Month Hold Period
    Upon successful closing of the Subscription Period, your x-month hold period will begin. Investors can expect a full refund of their initial investment, plus their portion of NOI X-months from this date.
    Complete Milestone #1
    Describe your initial milestone and how you plan to achieve this goal.
    Begin Quarterly Investor Payments
    Your company will begin making monthly payments to its investors in accordance with your subscription agreement.
    Complete Milestone #2
    Describe your initial milestone and how you plan to achieve this goal.
    Quarterly Investor Payment
    Payment #2.
    Quarterly Investor Payment
    Payment #3.
    Quarterly Investor Payment
    Payment #4.
    Quarterly Investor Payment
    Payment #5.
    Quarterly Investor Payment
    Payment #6.
    Quarterly Investor Payment
    Payment #7.
    Quarterly Investor Payment
    Payment #8.
    Quarterly Investor Payment
    Payment #9.
    Quarterly Investor Payment
    Payment #10.
    Quarterly Investor Payment
    Payment #11.
    Investor Repayment Date
    At this date, investors will have earned an expected X% return on their investment. The total effective interest rate is an expected Y% return. This process may take up to 1 month.

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    Investment Specifics

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    Financial Overview

    Investment Summary*

    *Sample Investment Summary

    Investors' maximum additional capital contribution is no more than XX% of original investment. This is based on if fully funded equity was required to pay off senior debt. Investors will not be exposed to any recourse of debt unless stated in the documents and approved by all investors in the fund. The manager has the authority to leverage the fund of no more than 2x equity (or 3 to 1 debt to equity).

    The capital raise period is no longer than XX days. If minimum investment is not raised all amounts will be returned to investors.

    No management fee will be charged during the subscription period. Once funded, a management fee of Z% will be charged quarterly up front.

    Depending on the type of investment, if development is required [YOUR COMPANY] will be authorized to charge a development fee of up to Z% of the total construction costs managed which will be paid monthly.

    [YOUR COMPANY] will provide quarterly statements as well as annual financial statements, prepared by independent accountants, along with year end tax documents and the maximum amount of organization fees the fund will charge will not exceed $XX,XXX.

    Capital Structure*

    *Sampe Capital Structure

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    Land Acquisition


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    Design Consulting


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    Fees and Costs

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    Development Fee